Holly Rogalski

artist | INFP | mother

The intersection of overthinking, intuition and chronic guilt

A four story flashlight into the neurotic, creative mind.

If anything i write resonates with you:

I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

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Meet your guide

I'm Holly. I'm honored you're here.

I’m an artist and writer, forever tumbling rough ideas into *** offerings. I am in INFP, Highly Sensitive, Don Draper-type (minus the arrogance) who loves to entertain. I spent 16 years as a Doula and Childbirth Educator. 

The Client Process

how it works

You have experienced a plot-twist, and you’re reeling. You need a steady, reassuring presence in the swirl of disorientation. Hire me to help you clarify your feelings, your next steps and find growth in the process.



Unearth new insights and healing in a concentrated 90-minute session.



If we’re a good fit, I will invite you to 13 weeks of guidance and healing.



Weekly connection and support to grow into the new “After” version of you.